Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Post-Digital - Interview for Wire (WPP Magazine)

Wire- ''The idea' has always been the kernel of the most effective creativity. Has that changed in any way, and is the idea constrained or liberated by the introduction of digital to the media mix?

Ricardo - In my opinion ‘The idea’ will always be at the heart of any business that relies on surprising, inspiring and persuading people. In the past the format of the idea used to be a message to be spread in a media mix, now it’s more about how people experience it as a brand behavior. So considering that communication and services are something naturally very tangible by the people, definitely technology and creative PR intelligence are great to push it to a more convincing place.

Wire - Technology skills to execute campaigns are now highly valued; does that imply a devaluation of the creative mind?

Ricardo - No, it’s the opposite. In my opinion technology is not for specialists; it’s part of the creative repertoire to design communication and business solutions in a modern world. For me technology is like geography, physics, mathematics; language, it goes through everybody’s lives. It can be used as a conduit or a magic hat by creative minds and surely it can become jewelry when well crafted by good specialists.

Wire -  Do creative people have to think differently to produce campaigns that operate across a range of digital as well as conventional media?

Ricardo - Definitely, Yes.  The success of a creative idea nowadays isn’t only about the accuracy of the message but also how people join the idea journey, partner with it and amplify the awareness. All of these depends on how you execute the idea considering connections between people, things and places. What people used to call digital in the old ages nowadays is at the heart of creating awareness.

Wire -  Measurement and analytics are hallmarks of digital marketing: how can they be reconciled with the power of ideas? 

Ricardo - It allows us not only to collect results but guide any changes in real time considering the real environment, real perception and real stimulus from the audience immediately and overtime.

Wire -  Has the nature of the message irretrievably changed, now that interaction is so fundamental to digital marketing?

Ricardo - No it hasn’t changed. Messages, point of views, statements or even an iconic attitude is pretty much what people relate to, even hundreds of years ago. Jesus Christ did it, Muhammed did it, Martin Luther king, Obama, Apple, Psy.  This is what drives affinity, desire and inspiration. The reason we communicate hasn't changed, but the delivery system has, and it will continue to evolve as  the world changes. For example I'm still trying to find the best way to be more effective on my messages to my 5 years old son. 

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